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Help us feed the beggars on the street!

It’s very sad to see poor and hungry beggars in the streets, but it’s, unfortunately reality Click to Tweet


I’m contacting you because of a very important message which I thought you would like to hear.

My name Cesar will, a resident of Mississippi. Over the past few years, I have been feeding beggars on the street from our surrounding community with free care. Many of these beggars come from broken or abusive homes. They are all without exception beggars who have lost their livelihood because of unemployment and are now reduced to seeking the charity of passers-by in a more or less open fashion.

Among these down and out, some have suffered industrial injuries, others years of their lives in the war that were supposed to be warranted instead of learning to well-paid trade, and found, when they returned home, grateful that their country had rewarded their services by offering them nothing but the choice between a slow death through starvation and begging.

It is bitterly cold on the street, and their worn and tattered clothes are no protection against the severity of the cold. So, they have no blankets, they wrap themselves in old newspapers.

It’s very sad to see poor and hungry beggars in the streets, but it’s, unfortunately, something you see around the world. When you have so much more than them, it can feel like you have the power to save them.

In the meantime, I must count on people like you, almost for the very success of this project. Your right attitude, your open-mindedness, your prayer, and most importantly, your FINANCIAL SUPPORT can help me achieve this dream. For these reasons I have decided, to put my time, effort and resources to help out.

These services bring so much joy to the beggars. Together we are transforming lives and building brighter futures, but without you, it just would not be possible. Thank you so much for your support!

I will be most grateful if you can support us; $ 5, $ 15, $ 25, $ 50 or $ 500 or any amount at all. It would be much appreciated, and well used for the purpose of feeding those beggars accordingly.

Please consider making a donation to help fund this project. You can send your donation by Paypal (you can use a card).

I am not sentimental about this. Hard noses and soft hearts are what I have.

Your generosity as a donor is the key to my success and makes it possible for me to provide street beggars in need with health assistance and critical services. I hope that I can count on your support to help them.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us by leaving us a message.

Thank you very much and we hope that you consider our request. Every donation makes a difference.

Thank you very much in anticipation for your generous donation.



Cesar Will

It’s very sad to see poor and hungry beggars in the streets, but it’s, unfortunately reality Click to Tweet

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